CITA is a Canada-wide association of companies that provides telecommunication services throughout Canada.

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Founded in 1905, the Canadian Independent Telephone Association, now the Canadian Independent Telecommunications Association (CITA) consists of rural and independent telecommunications organizations in the provinces of Ontario, and Quebec. In addition to these “Active Members”, there are two other CITA membership classifications, namely, “Associate Members” and “Special Associate Members”.

“Associate Members” are made up of manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications products and services. Other suppliers of telecommunications services may be invited to join the Association as “Special Associate Members”.

The objectives of CITA are:

  • To promote the increase and improvement of telecommunication services in Canada;
  • To promote and protect the business interests of the members of the Association;
  • To produce and distribute literature, promoting the objectives of the Association;
  • To collect and assemble information concerning the conduct of the telecommunication business in Canada; and to collect data statistical information for distribution among its members;

Through the attainment of these objectives, the CITA has helped the independent telecommunication industry meet challenges and seek opportunities in today’s rapidly changing telecommunications environment. Acting collectively, through the efforts of the Association, Canada’s independent telecom companies have a stronger voice to express their concerns.